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Fixing the worlds challenges through biology

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Rabu, 23 November 2016
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Sometimes the greatest answers in life can be found in the smallest components. In Novozymes, we use biology to find answers that create better lives in a growing world. We can discover an enzyme in nature and use it instead of a harmful chemical, instead of fossil fuels, making these biological solutions better for the planet and us.   

So how do we engage people in the biological revolution, “The Age of Biology”, we are about to enter? 

Some examples of our work include: 

The Arctic lets you wash at low temperatures. We have isolated enzymes in the cold regions of the world and added it to washing powder, allowing you to wash your clothes in colder water, thus reducing the use of energy. 

Make your car run on plants and agricultural waste. With the use of enzymes, we turn corn and agricultural waste into fuel, thereby limiting the need for fossil fuels and reducing CO2. 

From the soil to sustainable food sources. By applying specific microorganisms found in the soil to crops, farmers get more out of their harvests. In animal feed, microorganisms increase the uptake of the food in chickens and pigs, and reduce the use of additives, thereby raising healthier animals.

From plants to better paper production. Our enzymes from hot springs enable the paper production, one of the world’s most resource-heavy production forms, to use far fewer chemicals and save water. 

In the “Age of Biology”, many of the global problems will be solved in new ways with biology, and we can open up for a century of exploration and opportunity. 50 years ago we aimed to go to the moon – now the next journey is to look more closely at our own planet. And there is so much left to discover. 

The target group for this movement is the ‘global citizen’ who has an understanding of and capacity to have interest in new biological solutions. To put it plainly, we want to reach ordinary people, not scientists, who are interested in making the world a better place.


Tantangan Kreatif

How can we engage global citizens in finding solutions for a better world driven by biology? 

We need your help to come up with creative concepts that will get you and your fellow global citizens committed and engaged in the search for new biological solutions in “The Age of Biology”. These ideas of getting people to commit and engage could be simply getting them to learn more about biology, making a change in their everyday life like washing at lower temperatures, engaging in a website or activating a conversation on social media.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started. The solutions can be small or large. Sometimes the beauty lies in small ideas and at other times the sky is limit. So please give us all you have got: 

  • Social-media slow-motion films that creates interest for biology
  • Geocaching ground-breaking biology found near your location
  • Collect signatures or support for creating a Nobel prize in biology
  • Turn “Street view” into “Ground View” and explore what’s in the ground/soil
  • Launch Facebook “I fucking love biology” – similar to “I fucking love science”
  • Campaign for washing clothes at 30 degrees 

We invite you to help us fix the world’s problems with a global brainstorm on a conceptual level, focusing on how we can engage the world’s citizens. We want all your ideas digital, social, events, campaigns or educational. 

So draw and write one page A4 of what you think of as a concept. We are looking so much forward to seeing your ideas.




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