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Create the most exciting experience for teenagers this summer with Coca-Cola!

Through online and offline events, create an immersive experience for teenagers to savor the exciting moments with eyes closed with Coca-Cola!

Presentation with visuals and text (maximum 3 pages PDF)

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Coca-Cola Coca-cola

Thanks everyone for your participation, each of yours ideas were very appreciated and we will be back with new challenges to make extraordinary products and promotions for you.

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ilooli88 Hadiah #1
ilooli88 128.360 Skor Kreatif
  • Penulisan Kreatif
Korea Selatan

#1 Hadiah €1.600

An excellent idea, well integrated to the campaign insight, and with a strong media combination which makes teenagers to be interested in participate with new technologies and creating their own campaign pictures. Congratulations!

astisucihatisopwan Hadiah #2
astisucihatisopwan 32.940 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis
  • Video
  • Ilustrasi
  • Animasi
  • Penulisan Kreatif
  • Desain Label & Kemasan
  • Penulis Skrip

#2 Hadiah €700

Very good combination of relevant elements for teens: dreaming and sharing, two clearly important insights to inspiring and making teens to belong to a certain group. Great idea!

xaviles Hadiah #3
xaviles 163.250 Skor Kreatif
  • Penulisan Kreatif
  • Penulis Skrip

#3 Hadiah €400

This is a good idea in which as more Coca-Colas is bought, more opportunities to win with each uploaded video to YouTube, a relevant platform used by teens to connect and express themselves. Good job!


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