Future of Laundry Kontes Berakhir

Imagine how the future of laundry will look like!

Kontes berakhir pada Senin, 17 Desember 2018
Ilustrasi - Penulisan Kreatif

Laundry might be one of the most common household chores in our lives. It is something we cannot live without but at the same time it is a burden that brings a lot of stress.

Even with the new technologies that bring new features to modern washing machines and dryers, the fundamental process of “Washing, drying, folding” has not changed for about a century!

Our sponsor, a brand that aims to redesign everyday rituals and especially laundry, wants to disrupt the conventions of "washing clothes with detergent and water in washing machines" and completely redefine the way people manage their laundry at home.

Completely reinvent common-sense laundry process to make it stress-free, easy and fun!

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