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Help Oral B Toothpaste get noticed!

Kontes berakhir pada Senin, 04 Maret 2019
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If you’ve ever considered buying an electric toothbrush, chances are that you know Oral B. It’s a trusted brand with expert credentials. In fact, it’s the #1 brand recommended by dentists.

Oral B has leveraged 50 years of expertise to launch a toothpaste that’s as good as its electric brush in Europe. Last year, Oral B launched its toothpaste in Germany, but 1 year on, most Germans haven’t even noticed! This is partly because people don’t care very much about which toothpaste they buy.

We need your creativity to introduce Germans to Oral B Pro toothpaste so it gets noticed! Can you help?

Create an intriguing, eye-catching poster & headline to introduce Oral B Pro toothpaste to Germans who know the brand, but who don’t know it’s a toothpaste.

Format: 2 page presentation - poster with a tagline + text explanation in PDF