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WOW men with your design for Gillette’s new generation of in-store displays!

Kontes berakhir pada Selasa, 26 Maret 2019
Desain Grafis

As most of you know, Gillette is a global brand well known for making the world’s best blades & razors for men of all ages. Gillette promises a precision engineered grooming experience for the closest shave and unparalleled comfort to enhance men’s skin care routine.

While its products are clearly best-in-class, there is at least one area where Gillette falls short of the “best,” and that’s in-store. So, Gillette would like your help to up its game by designing bestin-class in-store displays.

Design a new generation of Gillette in-store displays that stops men in their tracks and makes it easier for them to buy the right blades & razors.

Format: Easy Submission Form – visual + answers 

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