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Envision how data can be leveraged to improve workers’ quality of life and the company’s performance!

Kontes berakhir pada Jumat, 10 Mei 2019
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As we start seeing the benefits of collecting and giving access to our data, people are progressively more open to allowing machines and companies to leverage it. They are willing to do so as they get something positive out of it: avoiding traffic jams when commuting, listening to the best playlists for workouts, optimizing their agenda to spend more time with family and friends, etc.

There are plenty of areas where the use of data is improving our lives for the better. And as we get to use more and more connected devices and objects of all kinds, there will be even more data to leverage in the near future. The thing is all these improvements seem to be limited to our personal life, at home and not at work / within the company.

Our client is a real estate company that finds, designs, builds and manages offices for its clients. Their role is to create the best working environment leveraging all solutions and technologies available. There are already some initiatives to leverage people’s data in the workplace, but it is still too little compared to the potential benefits. We need your creativity to envision how data can be leveraged in the workplace to improve people’s work life, contribute to new ways of working, and improve company performance.

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