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Demonstrate Enfagrow’s Nutritional Superiority in an Impactful Visual

Kontes berakhir pada Rabu, 13 November 2019
Ilustrasi - Penulisan Kreatif

When babies pass the milestone of their first year, moms often decide to make changes in how they care for them. As the young kids grow and look healthy, moms think they can stop feeding them baby food and adopt regular ingredients like fresh milk or milk powders instead of full-nutrition milk formula. Parents often ignore the exact nutritional needs of their child, and their behavior tends to relax progressively, even though they should maintain the nutritional intake to keep their children in good health.

It is important to raise moms’ awareness on how they can easily fulfill their children’s nutritional needs, with the use of milk formula complementing the rest of the daily diet. Milk formulas are specifically designed for young children and provide them with all the nutrition they need at their age. Enfagrow is one of the leading milk formulas on the market and would like to connect with moms in a different way. They do not want to launch a big emotional campaign like other brands and instead want to use behavioral science to change moms’ behavior for the better.

In this challenge we will focus on the communication of Enfagrow’s nutritional superiority. As their kid turns one, moms think they can replace milk formula by a combination of fresh milk and other solid foods that have the same nutritional intake. The issue being they do not necessarily know how much their kid needs, nor do they understand what they are providing them with. Actually, one glass of Enfagrow provides the nutritional equivalence of a cooked meal. How can we express that equivalence in a creative and impactful way that could raise moms’ awareness of Enfagrow’s nutrition?

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