Packaging Solution for Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages Kontes Berakhir

Design a Solution to Reduce Packaging Waste Without Sacrificing Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages Experience

Kontes berakhir pada Sabtu, 18 Januari 2020
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Australian summers are iconic, but they’re also absolute scorchers. That’s why since the 1990s, Australians have been enjoying the icier side of their favorite soft drinks to get them through the warmer months. Frozen Coca-Cola beverages have an additional ingredient that fills the drink with air to create a delicious and refreshing, light and fluffy ice-cold drink. These frosty treats come in many flavors including favorite brands from The Coca-Cola Company's such as Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta.

They are particularly popular in Australia, where people usually purchase them when they are out of home, at fast food restaurants or cinemas and malls. Because Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages take time to drink, they are a great mid-afternoon snack when they’re socializing and catching up with friends or colleagues or as a treat to themselves. People particularly enjoy the “brain freeze” rush attributed to frozen drinks. Unfortunately, with every Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages we drink, we end up with empty plastic package (the current package is a 3 piece element: cup, lid and straw).

Although plastic is praised for its convenience and hygiene protection, people are aware it threatens our increasingly fragile ecosystems. As the impact of plastic pollution becomes more and more visible, people around the world feel the need to engage in a more sustainable way of life.

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to bringing to consumers sustainable solutions and innovations. The brand has already launched multiple initiatives to reduce or recycle packaging. Now we need your creativity to think how it could use significantly lesser plastic packaging for Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages. Can you help The Coca-Cola Company to come up with novel and breakthrough ideas to enjoy Frozen Coca-Cola Beverages and reduce plastic package waste?

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