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How might LG Electronics communicate its Sustainability credentials.

Kontes berakhir pada Rabu, 16 September 2020
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The subject of sustainability has been growing in relative importance for the past few decades and the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has placed unprecedented pressure on big corporations to deliver strong sustainability strategies. Exactly what role corporations must play and how they define sustainability, varies region by region but the fact remains: sustainability matters more than ever.

One definition of sustainability might be: efforts to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our standards of living. But what does it really mean for a global electronics company and their current/prospective consumers?

LG Electronics, world famous brand of consumer and business electronics, produces a wide variety of products, which are used in everyday life including Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications and even Vehicle Components. In doing so, LG Electronics has made a number of mid-to-long term commitments to sustainability management. They are now preparing a global brand communication campaign to position their credentials as a strong leader in sustainability and needs your inspired creative ideas. Can you help?

Create a clear, credible and reassuring poster with a headline that delivers a strong and positive brand image of LG as an active leader in consumer electronics sustainability. 

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