Ribena: Bold Refreshment Kontes Berakhir
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Create a new bold refreshing fruity drink for Ribena!

Kontes berakhir pada Senin, 07 Desember 2020
Ilustrasi - Penulisan Kreatif

Ribena is the soft drink that has been very popular for years in the UK. It is best known for its bold blackcurrant taste and people who drink it love it for its intense fruity flavor.

Ribena is known and liked for its bold, intense taste. However, it’s not known for being refreshing. When choosing a drink many people look for something that will refresh them. As a result, when people are looking for something refreshing, Ribena doesn’t come to mind.

Ribena needs your help to create a new drink that provide people with the bold drinking experience that they expect from Ribena as well as the refreshment that they look for when they choose a drink. Can you help?

Come up with a unique idea of a new bold and refreshing drink that will deliver fruity, uplifting drinking experience that Ribena is known for! 

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