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Help create an appealing communication concept for Butterfinger, the delicious peanut snack from Ferrero!

Kontes berakhir pada Minggu, 03 Januari 2021
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Butterfinger is a candy bar with a long-standing history in the USA. Ferrero is preparing the global launch of Butterfinger (focus on Europe and China) with a new recipe, but staying true to its core values: crispy, creamy and peanut-buttery. The product is made with a triple layered wafer bar enriched with peanut cream and with crispy rice for a lighter snack experience.

In consumer research, we found that:
- The multi-taste (sweet with a hint of salty) and multi-texture (crunchy, crispy and creamy) are what make this product unique, especially for providing a balanced taste experience.
- Because of the peanut content, the bar can be suitable and credible for a little energy boost throughout the day
- Besides a little energy boost, the product is also suitable for a sweet, indulgent treat or to kill a little hunger
- The bar turns out to be lighter than expected: whereas consumers had expected a heavy candy bar, the wafer makes the bar surprisingly lighter than they would have thought, but in a good way.

Hence, there are still different directions that we can go into for the positioning in the market of Butterfinger.

Therefore, we need a creative concept for Butterfinger: write a creative concept and impactful tagline for the new Butterfinger bar!

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