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Encourage men to shave more often.

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Whatever the style they go for, shaving is part of every man’s routine. Behind the decision to shave (or not), there are different motivations that include a wide variety of factors, making men’s behaviour towards shaving worth a study :-). Gillette is one of the leading brands that offer grooming products to men across the world. They have run a comprehensive study to better understand the relationship between men and shaving in Europe. The study has identified several areas about which they need your creative input to change men’s behaviour.

In this task, we will focus on how to get more men shaving and shaving more often. For many years the prevailing wisdom has been that men make the best of themselves by being clean-shaven. But this message seems increasingly outdated, and no longer resonates with what being a man means today. The reality is much more complex than it first seems and the approach to shaving is determined by several factors.

Gillette believe in shaving to empower men – providing the tools and equipment to achieve the desired look. That way they can look their best and feel confident to face whatever the future holds.. You see there are so many reasons and occasions to encourage men to shave and we would like to explore how we can connect with men in a more genuine way. This is where we need your creativity to imagine how to communicate the benefits of shaving in a message that is more relatable and creative. Are you up for the challenge?

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