Coca-Cola: new refillable bottles solution 3 hari tersisa

Help Coca-Cola develop a model for refillable bottles!

3 hari tersisa
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Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the closed doors of the innovation department of a multinational company? Well, you’re about to find out! Even better, you’re about to contribute to their next big thing.

The Coca-Cola Company is, like many other companies, looking for ways to make their business more sustainable. While, as a soft drink manufacturer, they still produce and sell a lot of single-use plastic, changing this has become one of their top priorities.

That’s why Coca-Cola is building a model or framework for returnable/refillable bottles. The basic idea is to have both glass and plastic bottles cleaned and refilled after every use. From a consumer perspective, it would look a bit like this: when buying or ordering a bottle, consumers pay a deposit that will be refunded when the empty bottle is returned or collected (remark: the deposit system is not fixed and can be challenged by you if you have a better idea). The bottle is then sent back to the producer to be washed and refilled.

Help Coca-Cola to come up with engaging and convincing ideas of a reward system to incentivize consumers to buy returnable/refillable bottles together with easy ways to transport and store them.


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