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Create a simple visual to help time-press parents understand the benefits of a new (greener) hidden diaper-technology in Pampers

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Pampers is the biggest brand of baby diapers globally. Pampers purpose is to provide happy healthy development for babies whilst being an uplifting ally for parents in the first couple of years of babies’ lives. Pampers diapers are widely regarded to provide many superior benefits to parents and baby such as absorbency, leakage protection, skin protection, freedom of movement and so on.

However, all disposable diapers (including Pampers) come with an environmental cost.  They create a lot of waste which ends up in landfill and most of the weight of the diaper is made of plastic polymers which don’t biodegrade easily and don’t get recycled (Explainer: What is a polymer? (

Parents face a trade-off between the convenience and performance of disposable diapers and environmental sustainability.  Whilst parents want to do better for the environment, they also have a very practical need to use some form of diaper until their baby is potty trained. 

The fact that disposable diapers must be disposed of means that they will always have a negative environmental impact.  Whilst some diapers brands have launched diapers that claim to be “natural” or “organic” the reality is that do little to reduce their environmental impact, even though the consumer perception is that they do.

To address this problem, Pampers intends to launch a diaper that is made with a new hidden technology. The “hidden technology” is a new blend of bio-based polymers with polymers derived from conventional, and the result of this new blend is to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the raw materials used to manufacture the diaper, and
  • Reduce the amount of virgin plastic (i.e. non-recycled plastic material) used in production of the diaper

The impact of these changes means that at least 40% of the absorbing polymer content in Pampers diapers will come from bio-based polymers and Pampers are currently seeking verification by a credible 3rd party agency, to evidence this fact to parents. 

The technology is “hidden” because parents will not notice any difference in the look, feel or performance of Pampers diapers.  Therefore, they can expect exactly the same convenience and performance of a Pampers diaper whilst also buying a product that has lessened its environmental impact.

Pampers do not want this hidden technology to go unnoticed.  It is something parents want to know so they can make informed choices about the diapers they buy and it provides Pampers with a unique product giving them a competitive edge over other diaper brands.

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