Illustrate the concept of “Caring Creativity” Kontes Berakhir

Mulai Senin, 30 Mei 2011 Akhir 19 Juli 2011 21.59 UTC Pertimbangan Hasil Oktober 2011
Senin, 30 Mei 2011
19 Juli 2011 21.59 UTC
Oktober 2011
Illustrate the concept of “Caring Creativity”


Women's capacity of initiative and solidarity make them actors of an international sustainable economic change.

earthtalent is a network that encourages local initiatives of caring creativity in favor of women (to learn more:

earthtalent's action is to act in the heart of companies in order to reveal talents to benefit a more united world.

earthtalent wishes to illustrate what « caring creativity » represents, and inspire around earthtalent's visions and actions.


Through a video/animation (30 sec - 1.30 min), photo, poster, painting, text, installation, poem, sculpture, or any other form that you see fit, illustrate how creativity can help solidarity, and ultimately empower women.

Show us your vision of creativity for solidarity by also getting help from these questions for example:

How is “caring creativity” modern and coherent with our time's aspirations? What comes to your mind when combining these two words? What kind of alternative does “caring creativity” offer? What are its benefits?

You should be visionary, authentic and inspiring by defining the concept and roaming around its values.

The creations will be eventually used internally, on the website, in conferences, or even in expositions around this theme!


- Videos should be 30" to 1'30", minimum 720p
- Free formats - photo (High resolution), illustrations, sculptures, music, poems, paintings... installations...
- Your creation should not be an ad for earthtalent but your take on the concept
- Keep a high def. Version of your medias.
- Use images and music that are free of rights. Indicate it in your media description. You should include the ending packshot, available here, and other creations should include the earthtalent logo available here, the tagline "Creative network for local accomplishments" and the URL


1st Prize: 3000 €
2nd Prize: 1000 €
3rd & 4th Prize: 500 € each

Free format
1st Prize: 1000 €
2nd Prize: 500 €
3rd & 4th Prize: 250 € each
5 runners up: 100 € each


June 9 2011, 10.00 GMT to July 19th 2011, 23.59 GMT

Notes on the Terms & Conditions

Infringement Notice

- Contestants undertake to submit creative and original works.

- Contestants warrant that they hold all rights upon submitted works and warrant that the use of the works in the contest does not violate any third parties' rights.

- Contestants acknowledge that in case of breach of these rules, the organizer shall be entitled to deem their participation and the prize granting as void.


Hadiah Juri Video

  • #1 Hadiah €3.000
  • #2 Hadiah €1.000
  • #3 Hadiah €500
  • #4 Hadiah €500

Hadiah Juri Desain

  • #1 Hadiah €1.000
  • #2 Hadiah €500
  • #3 Hadiah €250
  • #4 Hadiah €250
  • #5 Hadiah €100
  • #6 Hadiah €100
  • #7 Hadiah €100
  • #8 Hadiah €100
  • #9 Hadiah €100