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Asia Pacific is a fast growing economic region in the World and the standard of living of many of its residents has been rising exponentially over the last decades. We want to hear your story about your experience of Asia Pacific!

Through the eyes of someone living in Asia Pacific, tell us a personal story of what health and well-being looks like in your community in a video/animation.

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CharmaineY Hadiah #1
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#1 Hadiah €5.000

The making of this short little video came pretty last minute, just a few days before the deadline. It was a get-together one night, 2 hours of brainstorming and then arming ourselves with camera gear, putting a smile on our face and heading out to the streets. Filming the local people on the sly, or without intruding into their personal space was not easy but that was the way to go to document what goes on in a typical day. We wanted this video to be personal and honest.

We still remember the team tearing our hairs out after one of our cards was corrupted and we lost all footage. The day before the submission, we had to rush our edits and re-shoots. We waited 1 hour for the Medical Hall's manager to give us permission. But it was fun, going out there on a secret guerilla mission and how we had to run to the middle of the road to get a particular shot. Many cars slowed down to see what was going on. Life is like that, when it gives you peanuts, we make peanut butter. We are so glad that despite have chunky bits of nuts in the making, it went smooth eventually.

With love, Charmaine, Yan Lan & Zuo Han

contact_pg Hadiah #2
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#2 Hadiah €2.500

The Philips contest was something different. Phillips wanted a human, inspiring story on the health and well-being in Asia. I perceived the brief as a hybrid between an ad and a documentary. It was for the first time I was trying my hand at such a video, telling a story that I always wanted to tell – of how insecure women feel in the dark patches of roads without streetlights. And I am sure this is something every woman can relate to, irrespective of where they are from.

Eyeka is definitely a great platform for bringing together honest stories and narratives and brands like Philips- with whose products I have grown up and is household name!

derricktao Hadiah #3
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Hong Kong

#3 Hadiah €1.500

It's sad to write down these words, and I cherish the memory of TOLA (the main character in this video). We shot a video of TOLA in September 2011, and he passed away on December 28, 2011.

I still remember when we were shooting the video, it was during rainy season. We shot at TOLA's place and those countryside roads with houses built by the local people. It suddenly rained the whole night TOLA's place was inundated by the water.

TOLA has only one leg, but he's always patient, gentle and supportive of our work. He walked through those flooded road calmly. But for us, we sometimes have one of our legs sank into the mud and the other one in the garbage.

TOLA was only 26 years old. He once cried to his sister when he was faced with death, but when facing us, he had always been considerate and tried to be strong. He had never felt inferior about himself, even until the end of his life.

We feel lucky to have his voice and images in our video, so people who don't know him can still be inspired by his strong spirit . Now a lot of people are doing the planning to make his dream about better education in Cambodia come true.

komunitas Inspire Philips with your personal story of health and well-being.

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