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Desain ulang kemasan Jell-O untuk membuatnya menjadi fun!

Makanan Penutup Berkemasan Jell-O gelatin dan pudding adalah makanan favorit Amerika Utara. Jell-O gelatin membuat dunia bergoyang, dan Jell-O pudding membawakan kebahagiaan dan kenyamanan sederhan bagi anak-anak. Tapi lihat kemasan ini, kemasan tidak sesuai untuk anak-anak kita lagi, Kami pikir Jell-O patut memiliki kemasan yang lebih baik yang akan membuat memakan dan menyiapkan Jell-O lebih menyenangkan.

Keluarkan kreativitas kamu dalam mendesain ulang kemasan Jell-O, sehingga membuat anak-anak bahagia dan gembira. Kami ingin kamu menciptakan kemasan Jell-O yang sama menyenangkannya seperti isinya!

FORMAT: foto, presentasi PowerPoint, kolase, animasi 3D atau video.


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mso Hadiah #1
mso 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis

#1 Hadiah €1.000

I'm really excited and happy to have participated and won in this contest. I think eYeka provides an opportunity for all designers in the world, so I want to stay involved. On the specific contest of Jell-O, the brief was very specific and concise. It provided everything needed to participate and allowed an adequate development of the design.

wangxin Hadiah #2
wangxin 6.030 Skor Kreatif
  • Animasi

#2 Hadiah €1.000

I love this community! I will make more ideas in new contests, and I'll invite my friends to join this creative platform! All I want to say is: Thank you, eYeka!

kelvin_chun Hadiah #3
kelvin_chun 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis
Hong Kong

#3 Hadiah €1.000

I would like to say that I am delighted to be one of the winners of this contest, especially as it is only the second one I've entered. Being able to submit storyboards and PDFs certainly makes it easier for members to enter. Thanks eYeka and Jell-O.

MariaFrauShu Hadiah #4
MariaFrauShu 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis
  • Ilustrasi
  • Penulisan Kreatif
  • Desain Label & Kemasan

#4 Hadiah €1.000

I found about eYeka by chance and it was my happy choice :D

It was very easy to start working with you and every time I asked something I got a quick answer.

I was so interested by Jell-O Contest and the work on my media took all of my spare time. This process was a real pleasure for me. I'm happy to know about that my ideas were highly appreciated.

steventjioe Hadiah #5
steventjioe 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis

#5 Hadiah €1.000

I find this particular contest interesting because we just have to think simple and because the media can be in the form of a jpg, pdf, or .ppt and not only videos.

Eyeka is a good platform. I joined eYeka quite some time ago and have participated in a few contests. Frankly speaking I once lost interest in joining more contests because I never win before, and I don't know what drove me to even submit an entry for this COE. But now that I've won something, I'll definitely participate in more COEs

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