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Ada banyak hal dalam kehidupan yang tampak sempurna untuk momen tertentu. Dari berbagi pizza dengan teman kamu sambil menonton pertandingan sepak bola di TV, hingga nyemil batangan coklat sambil menyupir untuk membuat waktu terasa lebih cepat atau menikmati secangkir teh hangat di dekat perapian, dengan orang yang kamu cintai setelah berjalan-jalan di hutan, kita semua memiliki momen pribadi di mana cemilan tertentu dibutuhkan. Mikado (juga dikenal sebagai Pocky di luar Eropa) merek stik cokelat tipis dan lezat.

Melalui foto, ilustrasi, presentasi PowerPoint atau video/animasi, imajinasikan situasi ideal di mana Mikado adalah cemilan yang sempurna!

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drassy Hadiah #1
drassy 50 Skor Kreatif
  • Video
  • Penulis Skrip

#1 Hadiah €2.500

I engaged in the contest because I believe that it's a good way to develop one's creativity throughout time and subject restrictions. I value team work. I'm quite lucky because I am backed up by a crew of young and talented technicians and actors, who enjoy taking part in my projects. The challenge affects the entire crew, and it becomes a very galvanizing experience. On another hand I am an assistant director and I work with different directors in music videos or commercials.

I don't really have rules regarding creative process, but mainly, ideas come while joking around with friends. I like to have someone in front of me to bounce over my own ideas, it adds a bit of fun to the process. And if the person in front of me starts laughing then I feel I'm on the right path.

The first date idea for Mikado came while having a conversation with my brother. We were wondering what was the worst joke someone could possibly make with a couple of Mikados. Then I took the time to write a script and draw a short storyboard before contacting the rest of my crew to ask to participate in the contest.

Congratulations! This was the simplest way to show how Mikado plays in your daily life!

iblanco Hadiah #2
iblanco 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis

#2 Hadiah €1.500

I heard about eYeka through Google web research. I typed something like “important design contests” and this is the first one that came out. Then I started to surf in and found out that it was about big companies contests. And I felt even more interested since the names mean much more, and the awards are better.

So I decided to list myself for the Mikado contest because the briefing was interesting and talked to me. That's how it started.

When I read the rules of the “Mikado Time”, I thought: “When and how do I eat them?” … and I used to enjoy them when I was at the office because they are perfect since they don't mess my hands, they are funny, crunchy and delicious. They are also very de-stressful, like pens, but not that boring. That's why I thought it was a good idea to develop.

Your creation was one of the best through the rich approach you had of Mikado's role : the best substitute for stress or boredom, within the work context. Thanks!

Madlink Hadiah #3
Madlink 0 Skor Kreatif
  • Video

#3 Hadiah €1.000

I work in a small group of four people, creating music videos for small bands based in Scotland. I'd been told about eYeka by a friend from University and his enthusiasm inspired me to have a go at a couple of the contests running at the time. The briefs are generally very open and allow a great deal of creativity.

As a group we really enjoy comedy, and so try to infuse that into whatever we're doing. The Mikado contest seemed to be in line with our sense of humor, so we were able to come up with lots ideas pretty quick.

We really enjoyed the process as it allowed our creativity to take center stage and the eYeka website really inspires you to try something new and different.

Thanks again for this amazing prize!

Congratulations everyone and thanks a lot for your entries!

Your creation was very appealing thanks to humor and unexpected ending used to illustrate the Mikado break! Bravo!


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