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Yakinkanlah orang dengan gigi sensitif bahwa penderitaan mereka dapat diakhiri dengan Sensodyne Repair and Protect.

Buatlah kisah menarik yang memberi tahu semua orang yang menderita gigi sensitif bahwa ilmu dan teknologi “Sensodyne Repair and Protect” akan menghilangkan rasa sakit mereka selamanya.

Video/Animasi maximal 30 detik

3 Pemenang 30 Kontributor 35 Media diterima 14 Negara 8 Bahasa

Sensodyne Gsk

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sensodyne call; we greatly appreciate all the thinking and work that went into each submission. Many thanks!

Sensodyne Brand Team

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shu_wu Hadiah #1
shu_wu 2.590 Skor Kreatif
  • Animasi
  • Penulisan Kreatif
  • Penulis Skrip

#1 Hadiah €8.000

Happy! Receive the award-winning news, happy and happy! Haha... Every contest requires creation of a satisfactory work, so continuous learning to improve ourselves, using our brains to improve creativity, repeated modification of the work adjustment, and even redo. Although the process is difficult, but do what you like make everything worth it. Not to mention it is hard to get brand recognition, thanks eYeka, thanks Sensodyne. Grateful for the support of family and small partners, I will continue to improve to keep up with eYeka!

Thank you for your entry. Your depiction of the science behind Novamin was quite engaging and easy to understand.

wallace75013 Hadiah #2
wallace75013 6.050 Skor Kreatif
  • Desain Grafis
  • Ilustrasi
  • Animasi
  • Penulisan Kreatif

#2 Hadiah €5.000

Thank you very much to the jury for giving me the second prize of this contest Sensodyne. It was really nice to imagine the super powers of a tooth that faced the imaginery super villains for every ordinary days! I also really enjoyed animate it in a style comics. Thank you again!

Thank you for your entry. We really liked your idea of science vs science fiction. We felt your idea was quite original and engaging.

fredcavender Hadiah #3
fredcavender 22.560 Skor Kreatif
  • Video
  • Penulis Skrip

#3 Hadiah €2.000

This contest was a challenge since it was outside of my "confort area", which is usually a more humorous tone. I'm thrilled to have gone though with and to have won a prize.

Thank you for your entry. We like how you incorporated the use of graphics to depict with the use of Sensodyne Repair & Protect will reduce your levels of sensitivity.


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This contest receives many great videos. Thank you all for your participation.

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