Pengalaman Minum Kontes Berakhir

Ciptakanlah revolusi dalam cara anak-anak minum dari botol.

Kontes berakhir pada Minggu, 20 Juli 2014
Desain Label & Kemasan

A leader of the beverage packaging industry is looking to innovate in this field and wants your help to create the next big drinking hit for kids. 

Can you invent a new “dispensing system” (i.e. the interface between bottle and drinker that dispenses the liquid) that will totally transform the drinking experience for kids aged 4 to 11?

Invent a breakthrough “dispensing system” for water or juices that changes the way kids between 4 and 11 drink – to make the experience fun and fresh.

Format: Presentation two pages max (visuals and explanation of the concept).