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Make Royco the ambassador of office breaks

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Senin, 09 Februari 2015
22 Februari 2015 23.59 UTC
April 2015


Breaks are vital for working well! But learning to take time out is not always easy. You have to dare to say: "Right, let's take a break".

At Royco, the leading French manufacturer of packet soups, we believe that breaks are the key to success! From 11 a.m. or 5 p.m., before a meeting or to last to dinner, Royco is the solution for a healthy and tasty break.

One packet, boiling water and it's ready in two minutes! You get a mini-boost in mental and physical energy, along with the pleasure of a hot cup of great-tasting balanced soup!

In TV advertising, Royco uses a character, Roy, who encourages breaks in his company. Royco soup is visually associated with a red cup. The spirit of the brand is offbeat and ironic.


Royco wants to get across, to the greatest number of people and in the most effective manner possible, the idea that breaks are essential and that Royco's mission is to make it easier to take them.

Tantangan Kreatif

Create a buzz with a great, offbeat idea reflecting Royco's image, to make it the ambassador of office breaks.

You must find an idea for an operation that is limited in time, will generate a buzz and get people talking about Royco.

Limited in time does not mean reserved. Your operation must be based on a creative idea Royco believes to be strong and ambitious!

Royco soups are sold in supermarkets. Your idea can therefore be deployed in sales outlets. If your idea is very effective, it can also be used in television advertising.

Ideally, your idea must refer to Royco's emblematic red cup and possibly to the Roy character himself.

Your contribution must include a text describing your idea and an image that illustrates it (see model to be filled out, supplied in the guidelines).

We also ask you to suggest a strong, memorable slogan with impact for the campaign, other than the current "Let's encourage breaks". Your suggestion must be in line with the TV advert on breaks.


Contoh ini hanya diberikan untuk menjelaskan apa yang kami harapkan. Harap jangan gunakan contoh tersebut dalam karya yang akan kamu kirim atau entrimu akan ditolak.

In the spirit of operations conducted by Carambar, which led consumers to believe that the jokes on the wrappers were going to be phased out, by Coca-Cola who personalizes bottles, or even Monopoly, which replaced the false notes with real ones in some boxes of the game, Royco is looking for strong ideas with impact that will get the media and consumers talking.

You will have to think up operations that are slightly more sophisticated than merely distributing samples in the streets.

For example, Royco could organize a competition offering a small to medium sized company a dream seminar for the entire company, for a genuine break of two days. This is because Royco knows that the employees of small to medium sized companies work very hard. 


Hadiah Juri

  • #1 Hadiah €1.500
  • #2 Hadiah €600
  • #3 Hadiah €400


Text and visual using the template supplied.

Kriteria untuk Menang

Our client will be sensitive to the originality of the idea you put forward and to its "buzz" potential. The more the ideas are in line with the brand and its values, the greater chance they have of winning. A good slogan will also help you to win.


Panduan untuk kontes ini

  • Events, contests, physical or digital installations, all formats are allowed as long as your idea is original and has impact.
  • The Royco brand is offbeat, dynamic and does not take itself too seriously.
  • You can see the advertising spots here.
  • Use the template supplied in the toolkit.
  • You can submit your ideas in French or English.

Panduan standar eYeka

  • Jangan sebutkan data pribadi di dalam entri (nama, nomor kontak, alamat e-mail, dsb.)
  • Simpan kreasi versi berkualitas tinggi untuk digunakan jika kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang.
  • Mediamu harus merupakan kreasimu sendiri untuk dapat dipertimbangkan masuk ke dalam kontes.
  • Kamu harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari setiap pencipta dan pelaku yang telah berkontribusi dalam media tersebut.
  • Jika kamu memiliki karya apa saja (musik, foto, desain, dsb.) yang bukan merupakan milikmu sendiri, harap nyatakan di dalam keterangan media apakah musik dan/atau gambar yang telah kamu gunakan merupakan karyamu sendiri dan berikan tautan ke lisensi yang memberi kamu hak untuk menggunakannya.
  • eYeka akan meminta kamu menyediakan bukti tertulis atau salinan semua dokumen tertulis yang mengonfirmasi izin penggunaan karya tersebut yang memungkinkan eYeka dan klien-kliennya untuk menggunakan media sesuai ketentuan Peraturan kontes.
  • Media yang tidak mematuhi peraturan-peraturan tersebut tidak akan diperhitungkan untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kontes.