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Invent new Kellogg’s cereals products to delight Brits at breakfast and all day long.

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From fields to families, Kellogg’s offers to kids and adults delicious snacks and breakfasts to be enjoyed throughout the day. Kellogg’s has many famous brands such as: Rice Krispies, Special K, Coco Pops, and Corn Flakes etc.

For people, Kellogg’s means fun and tasty moments at breakfast.

Kellogg’s needs your help to create new snacks or cereal products to delight even more adults and families in the UK.

Tantangan Kreatif

Invent new cereals products that fit into one of the followings trends: detox, heritage and provenance.

The brand Kellogg’s looks to innovate and create new cereals, bars or biscuits based on three trends they have observed in the UK.

Please read the details of each orientation carefully.

  1. DETOX: It’s about cereal foods that do good to your body. It’s food with a benefit because it contains natural sources of nutrients, antioxidants and good fats. It’s inspired by the need that people have to be more cautious about what they eat. Ingredients included in such formulas contains coconut water, hemp, cacao, goji, flax etc.
  2. HERITAGE/NOSTALGIA: it’s about products that are simple, truthful, authentic and less processed. It’s inspired by a vintage trend and by the fact that some people have nostalgia of the cereals they were eating as kids.
  3. PROVENANCE: it’s about products that are produced locally, close to you and very natural. It’s less processed too and it’s honest. Products there have a strong personality, they are for people who care about the environment, hence the origins of their food.

Pick one route and create a full concept.

Tell us about the product: name; formula; ingredients, cereal, bar or biscuit; hot or cold; breakfast or any time of the day; at home or on the go.

Create the packaging and group both in two sided document (please find some examples in the TIPS)

You are not obliged to create an idea for the three themes, although we believe that if you are able to create for one, you can also do well for the others.



Contoh ini hanya diberikan untuk menjelaskan apa yang kami harapkan. Harap jangan gunakan contoh tersebut dalam karya yang akan kamu kirim atau entrimu akan ditolak.

Here are examples of ideas that would work for this contest. Just examples, please invent your own!


Hadiah Juri

  • #1 Hadiah €3.000
  • #2 Hadiah €1.500
  • #3 Hadiah €500


Product design (visual) and one paragraph of text. (1 page PDF only)

Kriteria untuk Menang

We are expecting you to provide two things: a product idea and a packaging idea. The entries will be judged on the criteria of novelty and also relevance to the three themes.  


Panduan untuk kontes ini

  • Please submit entries in English.
  • Visit Kellogg’s website to know about the products they already have.
  • If you’d like to know more about the brand’s personality, please check this ad.
  • Please download and use the template from the toolkit to create your entry.
  • You’ll find the logo in the toolkit
  • Remember your target is the UK.
  • If you want to create ideas based on each theme, please submit each one in a different file.

Panduan standar eYeka

  • Jangan sebutkan data pribadi di dalam entri (nama, nomor kontak, alamat e-mail, dsb.)
  • Simpan kreasi versi berkualitas tinggi untuk digunakan jika kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang.
  • Mediamu harus merupakan kreasimu sendiri untuk dapat dipertimbangkan masuk ke dalam kontes.
  • Kamu harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari setiap pencipta dan pelaku yang telah berkontribusi dalam media tersebut.
  • Jika kamu memiliki karya apa saja (musik, foto, desain, dsb.) yang bukan merupakan milikmu sendiri, harap nyatakan di dalam keterangan media apakah musik dan/atau gambar yang telah kamu gunakan merupakan karyamu sendiri dan berikan tautan ke lisensi yang memberi kamu hak untuk menggunakannya.
  • eYeka akan meminta kamu menyediakan bukti tertulis atau salinan semua dokumen tertulis yang mengonfirmasi izin penggunaan karya tersebut yang memungkinkan eYeka dan klien-kliennya untuk menggunakan media sesuai ketentuan Peraturan kontes.
  • Media yang tidak mematuhi peraturan-peraturan tersebut tidak akan diperhitungkan untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kontes.