Make Mazda Famous Kontes Berakhir

Make Mazda famous by inventing exciting events or experiences.

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Mazda is a stylish car brand that defies conventional thinking to make things better. They want to inspire, and be inspired. Mazda stands for 3 main things:

  1. Design: their cars are stylish, have exceptional looks and capture movement and agility down to their last details.
  2. Driving & Technology: Their cars are uniquely fun to drive and powered by innovative technology.
  3. Mazda does things differently and stands out from other mainstream car brands.

Mazda owns an event space in the trendy El Born area of Barcelona, called ‘the Mazda Space’. This is a stylish and modern place to host Mazda and non-Mazda related events. Throughout the space, there are information, cars and objects on Mazda’s past, present and future, and a model showcase, as well as blank rooms that can be fabricated to any event. (For more info on the Mazda Space please click here).

Mazda wants to engage with anyone who shares the same kindred spirit of challenging conventions. They are looking for an event or series of events which will help build fame for the Mazda brand across Europe.

Tantangan Kreatif

Imagine an event or series of events which will help build fame for the Mazda brand across Europe.  

The idea is that this event, or series of events, will happen over 60 days and that most of the action will be anchored in ‘the Mazda Space’. This venue must be part of your idea(s), yet this can also involve other countries, regions and/or cities. The event concept must be internationally engaging. Not every part of the event needs to take place at the Mazda space.

What we’re looking for is ideas for events – from the very big to the not so big – which will help Mazda achieve more fame for the brand. It can be open, on invitation only; free, paid… up to you! Mazda is also open to partnering with other events in the areas of music, fashion, design, technology, etc. The event or events don’t necessarily have to be about cars and may differ in nature, content and audience, but the experiences together should reflect and build on what Mazda stands for.

This brief is quite broad, Mazda is very open to new ideas and you are free to come up with any kind of events as long as it’s connected to the Mazda Space, is close to Mazda’s values and engages audiences. It’s mandatory that there is a physical, offline event with active participation and that this is supported by online and social media (it can’t be purely on the Internet.)

The ultimate goal of the event is to make Mazda famous – so people talk & write about the brand.

Illustrate your idea with a moodboard of pictures, sketches or illustrations of your own.

Please display your moodboard of pictures on the first page and answer the following questions on the second page:

  1. What’s the big idea behind your event idea? Give your idea a name and tell us what it means.
  2. Explain the mechanics of your event or series of events.
  3. How do you use traditional or social media around the event to create a buzz?
  4. How do we maximize interest and participation before, during and after the event(s)?
  5. How are the Mazda’s values of “Challenging conventions” brought to life?

The audience you should have in mind is young, urban people hungry for new adventures. They are interested in technology and cars. They are modern and creative people. They have an open-mindset, are progressive, very active and always up for new things. They are trend-setters and opinion leaders and very interested in Arts & Culture, Music, Fashion & Film, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Fun & Extreme sports, Digital, Entertainment and Travel. Mazda wants to surprise them and offer them a new and exciting experience.


Contoh ini hanya diberikan untuk menjelaskan apa yang kami harapkan. Harap jangan gunakan contoh tersebut dalam karya yang akan kamu kirim atau entrimu akan ditolak.

No examples are given for this contest. We want you to be free and creative: surprise us!



Hadiah Juri

  • #1 Hadiah €4.000
  • #2 Hadiah €2.000
  • #3 Hadiah €1.000
  • #4 Hadiah €500


PDF, 2 pages: visuals and text

Kriteria untuk Menang

Although this brief is quite open, we would like you to keep in mind the mandatories about the space, the length and the audience involvement (Barcelona, 2 months and physical interaction). Mazda will award the most original event ideas – those that have the abilities to create a big buzz and yet but truthful to what Mazda is.


Panduan untuk kontes ini

  • To learn more about Mazda’s non-conventional thinking, look at this video.
  • To learn more about the Mazda world, look at this website.
  • To learn more about the Mazda Space, visit their page.
  • You can download the logo here.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Otorisasi dan lisensi untuk menggunakan elemen dilindungi (termasuk musik, foto..) harus menyertakan setidaknya (i) hak untuk menggabungkan unsur-unsur yang dilindungi di karya-karya baru yang berasal atau berdasarkan unsur-unsur ini, (ii) hak untuk menggunakan untuk tujuan komersial dan (iii) hak untuk menggunakan di Internet. Kamu harus dapat memberikan bukti tertulis dari otorisasi ini dan lisensi pada setiap saat.

Panduan standar eYeka

  • Jangan sebutkan data pribadi di dalam entri (nama, nomor kontak, alamat e-mail, dsb.)
  • Simpan kreasi versi berkualitas tinggi untuk digunakan jika kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang.
  • Mediamu harus merupakan kreasimu sendiri untuk dapat dipertimbangkan masuk ke dalam kontes.
  • Kamu harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari setiap pencipta dan pelaku yang telah berkontribusi dalam media tersebut.
  • Jika kamu memiliki karya apa saja (musik, foto, desain, dsb.) yang bukan merupakan milikmu sendiri, harap nyatakan di dalam keterangan media apakah musik dan/atau gambar yang telah kamu gunakan merupakan karyamu sendiri dan berikan tautan ke lisensi yang memberi kamu hak untuk menggunakannya.
  • eYeka akan meminta kamu menyediakan bukti tertulis atau salinan semua dokumen tertulis yang mengonfirmasi izin penggunaan karya tersebut yang memungkinkan eYeka dan klien-kliennya untuk menggunakan media sesuai ketentuan Peraturan kontes.
  • Media yang tidak mematuhi peraturan-peraturan tersebut tidak akan diperhitungkan untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kontes.