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Elevate the mundane with Downy/Lenor Unstopables.

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Jumat, 30 Oktober 2015
08 November 2015 23.59 UTC
Desember 2015


Unstopables beads from Downy/Lenor is a new form of fabric conditioner that is designed for adding super long lasting, irresistible scents to fabric. It is added at the very beginning of the laundry process (unlike liquid fabric enhancer that is added during the rinsing cycle).

Beads are not a replacement for liquid fabric conditioner, it’s something to use on top by people who are “scent seekers”. They like their clothes to smell good and for longer. Unstopables has a high level of perfume (and high-quality scents) and so it provides scent longevity, scent intensity (more perfumed micro capsule) that liquid conditioner can never achieve. It is the ultimate perfume container, "everything with water is just diluted". If liquid fabric enhancer is body wash fresh, Unstopables beads is fine fragrance!

People who have tried the product are convinced it’s great! They say: “WOW, I never imagined scents could last this long.

Downy/Lenor now needs your help to convince “ultra-scent seekers” to add one step to their laundry process and try Unstopables beads.

Tantangan Kreatif

Create a poster that will bring to life why Unstopables Beads is like magic, using one of the two routes listed below:

  1. Magic to provide the right intensity and stability of freshness: Unstopables provides long-lasting freshness in the right intensity over time just like an aroma diffuser. Until now, freshness that lasts this long starts out too intense, and then fades, but with new Unstopables, you can enjoy the super long lasting freshness at a stable intensity.

  2. Magic to activate dry fabric scent: The freshness does not die out. Even after drying and sitting in the closet, clothes smell just as fresh & intense as when you take them out of washing machine. With the unique Dry Activate Technology, the fresh scent starts releasing after the fabric dries.

Please pick one of the routes and bring it to life in an original and eye-catching poster. Please do not come up with another route.

The quality of execution does not matter. What matters is the idea you’re conveying.

We know scent-seekers will love Unstopables because they are always looking to elevate the mundane with bold and captivating delights.

Who are scent-seekers?

They are people who think “me” before “we”. For instance, they believe: “only if I am happy, can the people around me can be happy”. They want to have the greatest possible products, regardless of the category, and this includes laundry.

They want their homes and fabric to smell good and fresh. They believe scents bring surprise to common situations.

This is why Downy/Lenor think these women will be attracted to Unstopables because it is a product that fills your home and your life with scents.

What we would like people to think when they look at the final communication poster is: “Oh my God, I did not know this product could do such a thing, I need to try and to tell others!

Along with your poster, please suggest a tagline and explain your idea with a short rationale. Use the template provided to do so.


Contoh ini hanya diberikan untuk menjelaskan apa yang kami harapkan. Harap jangan gunakan contoh tersebut dalam karya yang akan kamu kirim atau entrimu akan ditolak.

A good poster for this contest could be to show a woman entering the room and enjoying the scents that come from the bedding in a stable and continuous way.

If you would take the second route, you could show a women taking out a jacket from her closet. It’s been in there for a while, but it still delights her with a fresh and vivid scent.


Hadiah Juri

  • #1 Hadiah €1.500
  • #2 Hadiah €600
  • #3 Hadiah €400


One poster with a tagline and a short paragraph of text, using the template.

Kriteria untuk Menang

We are looking for way to convince scent-seekers to try Unstopables. Your poster must use one of the two routes stated above. We would like your idea to be so powerful that it’s memorable. Awards will go to the best ideas, not the best creative executions.


Panduan untuk kontes ini

  • You can download the logo here, and the template here
  • Unstopables is a premium brand. Their brand color is black. It’s very modern, chic and high-end.
  • Remember: Unstopables are not fabric conditioner, they are not designed to replace it. It’s something you add at the beginning of the laundry process and that comes on top of fabric conditioner.
  • Entries should be in English.
  • Otorisasi dan lisensi untuk menggunakan elemen dilindungi (termasuk musik, foto..) harus menyertakan setidaknya (i) hak untuk menggabungkan unsur-unsur yang dilindungi di karya-karya baru yang berasal atau berdasarkan unsur-unsur ini, (ii) hak untuk menggunakan untuk tujuan komersial dan (iii) hak untuk menggunakan di Internet. Kamu harus dapat memberikan bukti tertulis dari otorisasi ini dan lisensi pada setiap saat.

Panduan standar eYeka

  • Jangan sebutkan data pribadi di dalam entri (nama, nomor kontak, alamat e-mail, dsb.)
  • Simpan kreasi versi berkualitas tinggi untuk digunakan jika kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang.
  • Mediamu harus merupakan kreasimu sendiri untuk dapat dipertimbangkan masuk ke dalam kontes.
  • Kamu harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari setiap pencipta dan pelaku yang telah berkontribusi dalam media tersebut.
  • Jika kamu memiliki karya apa saja (musik, foto, desain, dsb.) yang bukan merupakan milikmu sendiri, harap nyatakan di dalam keterangan media apakah musik dan/atau gambar yang telah kamu gunakan merupakan karyamu sendiri dan berikan tautan ke lisensi yang memberi kamu hak untuk menggunakannya.
  • eYeka akan meminta kamu menyediakan bukti tertulis atau salinan semua dokumen tertulis yang mengonfirmasi izin penggunaan karya tersebut yang memungkinkan eYeka dan klien-kliennya untuk menggunakan media sesuai ketentuan Peraturan kontes.
  • Media yang tidak mematuhi peraturan-peraturan tersebut tidak akan diperhitungkan untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kontes.