Beauty by Lancôme Kontes Berakhir

Invent a new story about a Lancôme skin care product for women of all ages who want to preserve their beauty.

Kontes berakhir pada Rabu, 20 Juli 2016
Ilustrasi - Penulisan Kreatif

As women get older, something changes: they understand they have the energy and freedom to make their own choices. Not only does it give them wings, it adds a confident glow to their beauty.  

Although there are numerous skin-care solutions that tackle age on the market, these women believe most are not relevant for them. Why? Because skin care brands have been communicating in the same way for years. The ads often show close-ups of models or famous actresses. All of them look very similar and do not seem to resonate with women’s lives.

Find an impactful yet emotional way to make active women from the age of 40 desire skin care by Lancôme. Create a print-ad and imagine how your idea can be rolled-out in real life and on-line.

Format: Print-ad with key visuals and tagline + additional text. 3 pages in total.