Ariel - Value for Money Kontes Berakhir

Convince people that Ariel is worth the price paid!

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Selasa, 17 Mei 2016
01 Juni 2016 23.59 UTC
Agustus 2016


Everybody cleans their clothes. Whether you’re part of small or large family, whether you live in a city or in the countryside, whether you’re wealthy or struggling to make ends meet, whether you’re Chinese or Mexican; all of this doesn’t change much: no matter how much and no matter which one, you need to buy detergent.

Like everything people buy frequently, detergent is often bought in auto-pilot mode. Some people will favor the cheaper product; others will buy the famous brand that offers the better quality.

This is where Ariel’s challenge comes into play. Ariel, from P&G, is famous for bringing innovation to laundry and is always recognized by consumers as the best stain removal detergent providing superior cleaning and consumers love these kinds of performances. They can see, feel and smell it. But Ariel is more expensive than its competitors.

In Latin America, the cheap brands offer a lot of promotions so women buy them. They think that they are saving money when they buy a cheap detergent. But in reality, they’re not because the results achieved will never be as good as with Ariel. They will need to use more detergent or re-wash their clothes in order to get expected results as compared with only 1 cup of Ariel for great results.

We need your help to make people understand that the money they spend on Ariel is worth it and that the benefit is such that the price-performance ratio is great.

Tantangan Kreatif

Through an impactful poster, find original ways to show Ariel’s value and make consumers pick Ariel instead of cheaper brands.  

In the past, Ariel has used a creative route where two piles of clothes are next to each other. The comparison was meant to illustrate that with Ariel, even if more expensive, you could actually clean more clothes and these clothes will be cleaner.

This route is considered as a cliché of the category and Ariel is now looking for new routes to communicate its good value for money.

It’s your role to bring new ideas to the table!

The brief is about Ariel, yet your idea should be applicable to any premium detergent brand owned by P&G. Don’t create posters that work exclusively for Ariel, such as play of words with the name “Ariel”.

Your posters will be used as inspiration for the brand to create the next campaign around value in Latin America. It should make consumers change their opinion about Ariel and convince them that even if Ariel is more expensive, the cost is worth it. Women should think: “Next time I buy detergent, I will buy Ariel. It will be money well spent because I know my clothes will be perfectly clean and this is really what matters.”

Make sure your entry is really focused on the ‘value for money’ topic. We are not asking for visuals that simply bring to life the fact that Ariel cleans. The challenge is to bring to life the fact that although Ariel is more expensive, it’s the best choice.

We encourage you to look at other products or brands to create your poster. Try to apply things that work in other type of products to the detergent category.

Please create a tagline to go with your poster.

Please also answer these questions on a separate page of your entry:

  1. What’s the idea expressed in the poster?
  2. What’s your inspiration?
  3. How will it convince people to switch to Ariel?


Contoh ini hanya diberikan untuk menjelaskan apa yang kami harapkan. Harap jangan gunakan contoh tersebut dalam karya yang akan kamu kirim atau entrimu akan ditolak.

A bad idea for this contest would be to show someone showing off with her super clean shirt. Ariel has not a brand character representing those who want to show off or have a lot of money; it is the right choice for those looking for great cleaning results at the right price, a good value for money. It needs to feel close to consumer reality and not despise or poke fun of others.


Hadiah Juri

  • #1 Hadiah €3.000
  • #2 Hadiah €1.500
  • #3 Hadiah €500


A poster with a tagline and the answers to the questions (2 pages PDF max.)

Kriteria untuk Menang

What matters is that you bring novelty and that your idea is convincing.


Panduan untuk kontes ini

  • Make sure your poster ticks the boxes:
    • Original and new
    • Talks about value for money
    • Implies that buying a cheaper brand does not make people save money
    • Includes a tagline
    • Is catchy
  • If you show people on your poster, please consider that the message is primarily for moms from 30 to 45.
  • Think about an idea that could be used for another premium detergent brand.
  • You can include the logo and a bottle of detergent; you can find them in the toolkit.
  • Entries should be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Otorisasi dan lisensi untuk menggunakan elemen dilindungi (termasuk musik, foto..) harus menyertakan setidaknya (i) hak untuk menggabungkan unsur-unsur yang dilindungi di karya-karya baru yang berasal atau berdasarkan unsur-unsur ini, (ii) hak untuk menggunakan untuk tujuan komersial dan (iii) hak untuk menggunakan di Internet. Kamu harus dapat memberikan bukti tertulis dari otorisasi ini dan lisensi pada setiap saat.

Panduan standar eYeka

  • Jangan sebutkan data pribadi di dalam entri (nama, nomor kontak, alamat e-mail, dsb.)
  • Simpan kreasi versi berkualitas tinggi untuk digunakan jika kamu terpilih sebagai pemenang.
  • Mediamu harus merupakan kreasimu sendiri untuk dapat dipertimbangkan masuk ke dalam kontes.
  • Kamu harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari setiap pencipta dan pelaku yang telah berkontribusi dalam media tersebut.
  • Jika kamu memiliki karya apa saja (musik, foto, desain, dsb.) yang bukan merupakan milikmu sendiri, harap nyatakan di dalam keterangan media apakah musik dan/atau gambar yang telah kamu gunakan merupakan karyamu sendiri dan berikan tautan ke lisensi yang memberi kamu hak untuk menggunakannya.
  • eYeka akan meminta kamu menyediakan bukti tertulis atau salinan semua dokumen tertulis yang mengonfirmasi izin penggunaan karya tersebut yang memungkinkan eYeka dan klien-kliennya untuk menggunakan media sesuai ketentuan Peraturan kontes.
  • Media yang tidak mematuhi peraturan-peraturan tersebut tidak akan diperhitungkan untuk dimasukkan ke dalam kontes.