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Inspire women to discover NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS and experience New Love.

Help others discover their hearts’ desires with a story about a young woman who discovers her new love, inspired by NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS ice cream.

Pitch video featuring storyboards or pictures. Check out this article about pitch video to help you.

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Temptations Nestle

To all the participants who submitted their pitch in the contest, thank you for sharing with us your time, effort and artistry! You gave us a hard time choosing the winning entries! ;)

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CaseyDeFremery Hadiah #1
CaseyDeFremery 0 Skor Kreatif
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#1 Hadiah €18.000

We would like to congratulate “Another Door Opens” for winning 1st prize! The video offered a refreshing approach in terms of storytelling and execution. The story was able to echo mundane instances in every person’s life where changes take place. And when there is change, there is a chance for New Love. The film was executed with wit & fluidity giving the material an authentic & spontaneous feel as shown in the simultaneous scenes between the guy & girl across the street.

rosedaniel21 Hadiah #2
rosedaniel21 0 Skor Kreatif
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#2 Hadiah €12.000

The story is original and has a heartwarming unpredictable twist to it. It is fresh and charming. We also like that this storyboard doesn’t require any dialogue. We also would like to commend the deliberate direction in bringing the product to life through consumption shots from start to end of the video. Congratulations for winning 2nd prize!


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