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New York, Amerika Serikat

43 tahun

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Jaime is a storyteller. He directs, acts, and produces both Film and Theater as new digital formats. Behind the camera, Jaime conceived, directed and produced the spec commercials for Doritos, Mac, and TAG-Heuer (Jury Award TAG-Heuer/Eyeka), the short films Letras Pequeñas, The Inmate, 3some and Hit&Run (in pre-production).
As a TV actor, he co-starred the show Arrayan (Linze TV, Canal Sur) awarded with Ondas Award’10 as well as El Comisario and Yo soy Bea (Tele5). In the silver screen, Jaime performed in 12+1 a metaphysical comedy by Chiqui Carabante, awarded in Malaga Film Fest. 2010, in addition of numerous short films. His presence on stage is more noticeable. Four Legged Melancholy, Apple of My Eye, El Sindrome del Congo, El Silenci del Mar, La Vetlla Funebre o Ullsenblanc are some of his highlights.
After finishing Physical Theater Acting at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and Audiovisual Communication in the Open University of Catalunya, Jaime settled in New York after being awarded by the Regional Government of Andalusia with the Excellence Scholarship Beca Talentia to study the 2 Year Conservatory Filmmaking - Directing at the New York Film Academy (New York)

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