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Sydney, Australia

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Michael Cristian Greene is a Film Director and Writer. Growing up, Michael often lost himself in reading and writing fiction stories. His childhood friends were subject to be the characters in his stories which were later recorded with his parent's digital camera and presented as short movies to family and friends. Although he appreciated the different genres movies offered, Michael was most influenced by epic adventures and other worlds in movies like Braveheart, Aliens, Indiana Jones, and the original Star Wars. By 2003 Michael moved from Houston to attend the prestigious Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. During summer breaks, Michael often traveled to Los Angeles for acting jobs which eventually inspired him to look into writing and directing his own work. After three successful internships with oil giant Shell, Michael reevaluated his career path and decided to leave the corporate world to pursue the film industry. In 2008, three days after receiving his bachelor's degree, Michael packed as much as he could fit into his car and moved to Los Angeles.

Since early 2003 Michael has collaborated with other industry creatives in films, commercials and advertisements. In 2011 he collaborated with Art Director/Producer Mia-Danica Jamora to form a media production company - MSQUARE Productions. Since then they have collaborated with clients such as Microsoft, Rolling Stone and New York Life to name a few. In 2010 Michael began writing a fantasy action trilogy called, "The Alpha System". By 2011 to 2012 he began production for the prelude to the "The Alpha System" as the film's Director and Lead Producer. In early 2013 Michael worked on the romantic comedy "Isobel & The Patissier" as Director and Co-Producer. Later that year Michael took on the role of Director and Cinematographer for the psychological drama "Dreamstitching" a short he wrote alongside Art Director/Producer; Mia-Danica Jamora.

Michael's use of memorable characters, incorporation of magical or fantasy elements, distinct storytelling abilities and his imaginative childhood have been the driving force behind his passion for filmmaking and his love for entertainment.

Currently, Michael continues to work with his company MSQUARE Productions as Director and Producer as well as collaborating with others as a freelance Director, Writer and Producer. Michael divides his time between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, USA.

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