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Micat in Vertice
A Latin phrase that means that if you try hard enough you'll be able to get to the top where the sun shines, and you shall shine with your own light.

This is the thought that unites in the workplace, as in life, two scribblers and talkers who, with passion have the mania of putting pen to paper everything that takes shape in their volcanic heads ... really cool these two together!
From a "once upon a time", an amazing happy ending.

Lara and Andrea are a bit particular, their job skills ranging from visual design concept through to their realization on printed paper, by the creation of unconventional marketing strategies to the realization of animated and filmed videos, flowing into personal passions, such as photography, literature, entertainment, art and objects that tell a story (and we like listen to) cooking and, in general, with everything that has to do with imagination and his taking shape.

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