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Prague, Republik Cheska

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  • Pringles
  • Dutch Lady
  • Schick Quattro
  • Gillette
  • Downy
  • Knorr
  • Lenor
  • Lenor
  • Pringles
  • SK-II
  • Doncafé
  • Dutch Lady
  • Duracell
  • Lenovo
  • Pepsi Twist
  • Schick Quattro

Martin is a creative individual able to produce solutions to design tasks with a wide variety of media. He is creatively thinking, detail oriented player capable of working effectively
as a part of a design team or individually.

He is very skilled in digital design and his favorite media to work with is 3D. Martin is always looking for a way to advance his knowledge and skills. The opportunity to learn something new
is one of his top motivators and he is willing to tackle just about any project.

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